About Writing at PhilaU

The Writing Across the Curriculum program is dedicated to ongoing active learning and reflective practice regarding the study of writing and writing instruction across the institution. 

The program assists students, faculty, and staff in writing-specific and writing intensive courses, co-curricular programs, interdisciplinary projects, faculty development, and professional writing collaborations within and beyond Philadelphia University. 

Students and faculty use writing...

  • as a vital tool for critical thinking and learning;
  • to express ideas and communicate competencies;
  • to build upon research/information literacy skills;
  • to appreciate intellectual and aesthetic pursuits;
  • to explore and experiment with academic and professional communication.

Within all aspects of the Writing Program, effort is made to develop approaches that require students and faculty to focus on improving the quality of the processes as well as the final products of their intellectual work.

Students: The Writing Across the Curriculum program offers students varied and rich experiences with language as they learn to write well in curricular and co-curricular settings.

Courses: Students develop writing and thinking skills by taking two writing-specific and at least four writing-intensive courses between the freshman and senior years. Students take writing-intensive courses in the Hallmarks program and in their majors. Honors and English as a Second Language writing courses complement the list of offerings in the Hallmarks general education core.

Publishing: Students have a range of opportunities to pursue academic and professional writing.  Examples include the TEXT, Analysis, Word of the Week, and Open: A Writing & Design Collaboration.

Tutoring: Professional writing tutors in the Academic Success Center support students in all subjects at all levels.  The Center's website offers students resources on writing.

Faculty: Writing Across the Curriculum consultants are available to assist faculty with writing assignment design, assessment strategies, and other topics on demand.  In addition, the consultants facilitate faculty development seminars and lead in-class writing workshops for students. 

Research: Student writers are well supported by the Paul J. Gutman LIbrary, which offers a range of print and digital resources.

Katie Gindlesparger
Director of the Writing Program
Philadelphia University
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-5497
ph. (215) 951-2613
email: GindlespargerK@PhilaU.edu

We are working to make this site useful to you. Please send suggestions to writing@PhilaU.edu. Thank you.