School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Academic Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies: P. Collins
Director, Academic Services: S.M. Calder
Director, Marketing: K. Moran-Gannon
Director, Student Services: S.Harris
Director, Professional Education: M. Woltman
Director, Occupational Therapy Assistant Studies: M. Dahl
Director, Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership: L. Starr

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies at Philadelphia University is based on the philosophy that education is a lifelong experience influencing personal growth, career advancement or career change. Degree programs are designed to accommodate adult learners and their professional and personal obligations. Each term, students enroll in baccalaureate, associate and certificate programs on the Main Campus, Bucks County Campus and off-campus locations.

To accommodate busy professional and personal schedules, courses are offered in accelerated evening and weekend sessions. The program uses a hybrid distance-learning model. Students attend on-campus class sessions and participate in electronically mediated learning experiences during those times when they are not on campus. Select courses and programs are offered online. Special programs and tutoring services are available to help students adjust to the academic environment and strengthen skills in various content areas. Additionally, students who excel in their academic work are recognized on the dean’s list and in graduation honors.

The faculty and staff are committed to providing excellence in all phases of the academic experience. Continuing Studies strives to provide a challenging environment where students are able to reach their career and educational goals, as well as enrich their personal lives. 

B.S. Degree Completion Program
The Accelerated Bachelor of Science degree is designed to serve the educational needs of adult learners. Uniquely structured for adults with at least 30 previously earned college credits, this program offers Bachelor of Science degrees in: Accounting, Behavioral and Health Services, Business Management, Leadership in Emergency Services, Health Sciences, Health Services Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Law Enforcement Leadership, Leadership in Homeland Security and Organizational Leadership. The program features eight-week terms, transfer of 60 or more credits from previously attended colleges and universities, and ongoing academic advising and personal attention.

B.S. Philadelphia University Online
This Bachelor’s degree program is designed for professional adults who want to advance their careers and fulfill the dream of receiving a college degree. Philadelphia University Online programs integrate theory and practice with ties to industry, bringing 128 years of experience in traditional education to students’ computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

PhilaU Online courses are offered in the Blackboard Learning System incorporating multimedia technology, message boards, audio, video and email centralization to deliver course material as effectively as the classroom setting; to create an engaging community among student peers; and to facilitate communication with professors. Philadelphia University Online also provides support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A.S. in Occupational Therapy Assistant Studies
This 69-credit program prepares individuals to practice as an occupational therapy assistant in a variety of settings with people of all ages. The program features a hybrid distance-learning model, accelerated eight-week academic terms, five clinical fieldwork experiences and intensive guidance by faculty and mentors. Lecture and laboratory classes are scheduled two evenings per week and Saturday mornings. Students may complete the program in 23 months. Curricular themes permeate all courses and key professional concepts are continually reinforced. 

D. Mgt. in Strategic Leadership
The mission of the doctoral program is to develop strategic leaders who effectively navigate changing and often complex global environments and contexts by creatively integrating and bridging interdisciplinary knowledge and practice from academia and the workplace.  The three-year Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership program creates a community of mid- and senior-career professionals in which each participant can grow, learn and develop as an organizational leader, consultant, entrepreneur, scientist, researcher and educator.

The Bucks County satellite campus is located in the Bucks County Technology Park, 4800 E. Street Road in Trevose, Pa. 19053. Easily accessible to residents of Lower Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia, this campus location has been designed to serve the educational and career needs of adult students. Courses are offered in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate the schedules of adults who balance a full calendar of professional and personal responsibilities. Academic advising, registration and computer labs are all available at this location. To schedule an advising appointment, call 215.526.0980.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers day and evening classes from May through August during one 12-week and two 6-week sessions. Accelerated courses are offered in an 8-week term within the summer schedule. Summer courses allow students to accelerate their degree programs, compensate for interruptions in their studies, facilitate career advancement or enrich their personal interests.

Information is available through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies or by calling 215.951.2900 or email

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies is committed to designing and delivering customized, credit-bearing educational programs for corporations and organizations with sufficient employees to enroll ten or more students per class at the location of their choice. Companies and organizations that are interested in exploring this unique program should contact the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, at 215.951.2902 to arrange a program assessment meeting.