Meet the Staff

The Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning
Kanbar Campus Center Room 306

Jeffrey Ashley - Philadelphia University

Jeffrey Ashley

Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning
Phone: 215-951-2602
Expertise: STEM Pedagogies, Research-Based Teaching, Team-Based Learning, Active Learning Spaces

Jeff began his teaching career at Philadelphia University in 2000 as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Jeff is now in his 15th year at Philadelphia University as a full professor. Jeff has taught over 10 different courses at PhilaU including short courses highlighting the unique chemical environments in Yellowstone National Park, coastal marine ecology and chemistry in Mexico, and sustainability/conservation issues in Cuba. He values incorporating meaningful scientific research into his courses as a high impact learning experience for his science majors. If fact, he has engaged over 60 students in one-on-one, active, real-world research experiences that dually advance scientific knowledge and train our undergraduates for post-graduate studies and careers. Jeff has published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in his interdisciplinary area of environmental chemistry as well as in science pedagogy. Jeff received the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award in 2012.

Anne Bower - Philadelphia University

Anne Bower

Nexus Advocate for the College of Life Sciences, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Humanties and Sciences Heath
Expertise: STEM Pedagogies, Research-Based Teaching, Service Learning, Collaborative Learning, Active Learning Spaces)

Anne came to Philadelphia University in 2000 while completing a five year monitoring and evaluation project of natural land restoration in the Fairmount Park system with Yale University and Community Resources. She is an Associate Professor of Conservation Biology at Philadelphia University. Her applied research focuses on forest restoration and the interaction of endangered and invasive species. Working with student researchers, she explores management practices for White tailed deer, Red backed salamanders, and Asian earthworms at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education as well as tracks the home range of threatened Red bellied turtles at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Anne is fascinated by how students learn and use scientific information in their lives. As part of a faculty team she received National Science Foundation grant funds to develop innovative curriculum. She uses hands-on signature learning to teach the two course sequence Introduction to Biology for Science Majors, Environmental Issues, Biodiversity, Ecology, Medicinal Plants, Public Health Issues and Natural Resource Management as well as field courses at Yellowstone National Park, Montego Bay Marine Park in Jamaica, the Yucatan, Mexico, the Area de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and the Global Medical Brigades in Nicaragua. She was awarded the President’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009 in recognition for her dedication and committment to educating her students, and the NEXUS Learning Award in 2014.

Chris Pastore - Philadelphia University

Chris Pastore

Nexus Advocate for the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce
Expertise: Flipped/Hybrid Teaching and Learning, Transdisciplinary Studies

Chris is currently Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies as well as co-Director of the Engineering and Design Institute at Philadelphia University. Chris has been working in the process-structure-property relationships of composites materials since 1988 and has published over 100 papers and several books on the topic. Prior to joining Philadelphia University he was an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Fibrous Materials Research Center at Drexel University; Associate Professor of Textile Materials Science and Director of the Advanced Textiles and Composites Laboratory at North Carolina State University; and Visiting Professor at University of Gent (Vakgroep Textilkunde). Chris has received awards for his work, including Excellence in Sustainability Education from Delaware Valley Green Building Council (2007), Philadelphia Sustainability Award from Pennsylvania Environmental Council (2007), Leadership in Sustainable Building from Pennsylvania Resources Council (2004), the Award for Distinguished Achievement in Basic or Applied Fiber Science, Fiber Society (2000) and Outstanding Teacher of the Year from North Carolina State University (1995). Chris won the President's Award for Excellence in 2014 in recognition for his dedication and committment to educating his students.

David Kratzer - Philadelphia University

David Kratzer

Nexus Advocate for College of Architecture and the Built Environment
Expertise: Studios, Collaborative and Community Based Learning, Service Learning

Dave received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Architecture from UNC Charlotte. He completed foreign study programs in Mantua, Italy; Paris, France; and DIS Copenhagen for a full calendar year. His undergraduate thesis project was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Leadership and Service Medal Prize. An Associate Professor with Philadelphia University since 2009, David has taught architectural design and technology courses since 1987 at UNC Charlotte, Temple University, Drexel University, University of Idaho, Washington State University and Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. David has practiced since 1983 and is a founding principal of BAU Architecture, an award winning architecture and interior design firm exploring community buildings which are respective of our natural and built environments. In both his teaching and professional work, David focuses on the relation between architectural design and technology within the socio-political context of communities. Current academic projects include real world studio and design-build courses for such clients as Project HOME, the largest private homeless agency in Philadelphia, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Patch Adams Free Clinic of Philadelphia. Recent design-build projects include sleeping dorm stations for the Women of Change Homeless Shelter and the Single Bullet Philadelphia University Exhibit on Arlen Specter and the Warren Commission.

Laura Richlin - Philadelphia University

Laura Richlin

Nexus Advocate for the College of Continuing and Professional Studies

Laura Richlin has been working as a human relations and educational consultant for twenty five years in capacities varying from educator, trainer, and program director to artist and healer. With degrees and certifications in conflict resolution, mediation, multicultural diversity, literacy, and various specific modalities, Laura has been training, coaching, and mentoring teachers and students from PreK to college level for two decades. In addition, she is currently an adjunct Communications professor at Philadelphia University.

Marion W. Roydhouse - Philadelphia University

Marion W. Roydhouse

Founding Director of the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning, Advisor to the CTinL

Marion was the founding director of Philadelphia University’s Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning and served as its first director until August 1, 2015. All her career in teaching has been focused on learning how to help students to learn, and working with faculty to promote the idea that teaching is a skill that can be learned and can be improved. In fact, she was convinced that learning to teach more effectively is a fascinating endeavor and her goal as director was to help others catch this enthusiasm.

Amy C. Patrone - Philadelphia University

Amy C. Patrone

Student Administrative Assistant to the Center for Teaching Innovation and Nexus Learning

Amy was born and raised in the small town of Norton, Massachusetts. She attended Norton High School from 2011 to 2016. During her junior year there, Amy took 2D and 3D animation classes at Massasoit Community College, which sparked her interest in the field. In 2016, she graduated in the National Honor Society as well as the National Art Honor Society. Currently Amy (class of 2020) is studying Animation and Motion Media here at Philadelphia University. This is Amy’s first year as an Administrative Assistant to the Center for Teaching Innovation, and Nexus Learning.

Sally Dankner - Philadelphia University

Sally Dankner

Former Graduate Assistant for the Active Learning Space Initiative

In 2014, Sally became the graduate assistant co-leading the implementation and assessment of Nexus Learning Hubs at Philadelphia University. She was instrumental in gathering data to analyze the use of furniture, space and technology in our campus' new active learning spaces. Sally co-presented her research at the 2015 Lilly Conference in Bethesda, MD. Sally graduated with her MS in Interior Design (class of 2017).