Dean of Students

Dean Mark Govoni, Tim Butler & Lynn Corino

As Dean of Students at Philadelphia University, I have the privilege of working with dozens of colleagues devoted to supporting, guiding, and engaging over 3000 students. Our primary goal is to assist in any way possible in your journey toward degree completion, to help make that journey a great learning experience for each student. So no matter where each student is on life’s continuum, we are dedicated to meeting you at that point and helping you grow and develop into a more informed, better citizen — where ever you go in the next step on your journey.

My specific role is to be first and foremost an advocate for students. This task can be daunting and complex, since meeting the needs and wants of 3000 people at any given time can be a challenge. I start with listening, then move to clarifying your goals, then work with you to develop strategies to help you achieve your goal. The process is to help you assess your expectations, goals, or problems, and to strategize how to approach the embedded issues. Therein lays education.

I am the chief grievance officer for students, so students who feel their rights have been violated or the University has not met its obligations, meet with me to define the problem and, if necessary, create a process to resolve the issue. Especially if the problem invokes a possible violation of the University's non-discrimination policy, students should contact me directly.

In addition to the above roles, I am also the Title IX Coordinator for the University. This means that any and all complaints of sex discrimination, particularly matters related to sexual misconduct, must be reported to my attention. For a detailed description of this role and the process that pertains to allegations of sexual misconduct against or by Philadelphia University students, please go to

I am proud to say that this is my ninth year working in Student Life at Philadelphia University with a wonderful group of dedicated Student Life professionals. We wish you well in the 2015-2016 school year.

Mark Govoni
Dean of Students

If you have questions or comments, please contact the office of Student Life at