Industry Partnerships at PhilaU

Innovation is at the core of Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University), and market-driven innovation is our specialty.  Built on a legacy of fashion, textiles and engineering, our rich understanding of the intersection of function, style and manufacturing gives us a unique perspective on innovation.

Industry partners come to Jefferson because we bring a unique approach to innovation helping to advance their business, develop new opportunities, solve problems, and create value.

At Jefferson we call our model approach to professional education Nexus Learning; it’s a model that is active, collaborative, real-world and infused with the liberal arts.  Through this model, Jefferson combines the expertise of its faculty and the creativity and talent of its students with the distinctive capabilities of its infrastructure and relationships to create unique opportunities for industry partners. 

We partner with companies to create innovation in their business' and to create value through business impact and educational outcomes.   Engage with us and unleash Jefferson’s approach to innovation to develop new markets, new products, new models and new approaches for your business.

Ways to Partner:

Innovation Nexus Projects
Innovation Nexus Projects range from design and prototyping to marketing and packaging.  Click here to learn more.

Sponsored Research
Based on Jefferson’s strength in the area of applied research, our expert faculty researchers and mentored students conduct applied research to assist industry partners with development goals. 

These initiatives vary widely in scope and duration, based on the industry partner’s needs.  Click here to learn more.

Executive Immersion Education
Built upon a design charrette methodology, Jefferson’s executive immersion is a deep dive customized around a company’s key issues.  Areas of focus include entering new markets, product development, building corporate knowledge of a technology or market, or other company issues or problems best solved by getting executives out of their daily context.

Typically these consist of a session or series of sessions on the best practices and thinking related to the topic, followed by a facilitated design studio charrette with the team.  Click here to learn more.