How Will I Become Information Literate? (Will it Hurt?)

Chances are, you won't really notice all at once or right away that you are becoming more information literate. Information literacy is a "way of being" and is a "process of becoming." It's not really just one class that you take and then you are done with it.

At Philadelphia University, several courses have been targeted as vehicles for delivering the numerous components of information literacy. Some of these courses will emanate from within your major field of study, and the individual professional Schools. Much information literacy programming will be part of your general education requirements, and will come from the classes you take in the School of General Studies.

As you move through the classes in your curriculum, you'll accrue skills and abilities that you can use in other classes.  Although some of your classes do not overtly state that they employ information literacy skills and competencies, they may. 

Refer to your school from the top page of this section, and click on "Classes." 
There you will see the exact classes--and in some cases the actual assignments--that will be used by your instructors to build information literacy abilities, skills and competencies into you.

To see the University's general expectations of you, look at the "Documents" page of this website, and look at the information there. 

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