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Act 48 Information

On November 23, 1999, Governor Tom Ridge signed into law House Bill 8, now known as Act 48, which changes the requirements for maintaining an active Pennsylvania professional educator's certificate.

Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls Campus is an approved provider for both credit and noncredit courses. Our diverse offerings and locations will help Pennsylvania educators meet Act 48 requirements. 

Every five years, educators must complete either:

  • Six college credits (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Six credits of continuing professional education courses 
  • 180 hours of continuing professional education programs, activities, or learning experiences (i.e., noncredit programs)
  • Any combination of credits or activity hours that equal 180 hours (each credit equals 30 hours)

You can view your Act 48 continuing education progress and obtain more detailed information on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.


Act 48 Registration Instructions

IMPORTANT: All coursework must be submitted to the state within 60 days of completing a course. In order to be sure your coursework will be processed in a timely manner, please complete the instructions below before the final week of your course!

Follow the instructions below to process your completed coursework:

Download and print out the Act 48 Reporting Request Form to authorize the Office of the Registrar to release your student record information to your employer or third party.

Submit the completed Act 48 Reporting Reqeust Form to the Office of the Registrar via email (tju_ef_registrar@jefferson.edu), mail (Office of the Registrar, Jefferson University East Falls, Archer Hall, Schoolhouse Lane and Henry Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19144), or fax (215-951-2742). If you are not currently employed, please indicate that on the line marked, "Employer."

The Office of the Registrar will process your form and send your student record to your employer. 

Student record privacy law prohibits the release of most information including courses and grades to any third party without prior permission of the student. Please download and print out the form found here to authorize the release of information to PDE.

In addition to reporting your credits to PDE, school employers may require that you provide a grade report or official transcript to signify successful course completion. We will also send an official transcript to your school employer, so be sure to complete the appropriate section of the form. If you are not currently employed, please indicate that information on the line marked "Employer."


What Courses Does Thomas Jefferson University - East Falls Campus Offer that Will Fulfill my Requirements?

Only courses taken after you have been certified will qualify to fulfill Act 48 requirements. 

If you are currently employed as an educator in Pennsylvania, please check with your school employer about what courses will fulfill your Act 48 requirementws. 

If you are not currently employed as an educator in Pennsylvania, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


How Do I Know That My Credits Have Been Reported?

Within 30 days after your request is received, the Office of the Registrar will send you a letter verifying the course credits reported to the Commonwealth. You may also check the Pennsylvania Department of Education website to confirm that your course credits have been reported.