Degree Audit

Download the "Understanding Degree Audit FAQ Sheet"

DA Instructions

What is Degree Audit (DA)?

• It is a document that shows what courses are completed and what coursework remains in a student's academic program

• It is a guide to help students and advisors assess the student's academic progress towards a degree

• It is based only on what has been officially entered into the college's student information database

What are the limitations of DA?

• DA does not replace academic advising

• Sometimes there are course changes or common substitutions that don't show in DA but could be used to the student's advantage. When this occurs, the University Registrar's Office needs official notification for these courses to be entered into the system

• The DA does not tell you when to take a given course

How can I get a DA?

• Go to the student menu in WebAdvisor and select the "Degree Audit" link from the "Academic Profiles" section

• Check off the "choose one" box by your major and then click "submit" (Students that have not declared a major need to follow the "How do I explore other majors" below)

How can I tell what classes I still need to take?

• Requirements that have not yet been started or completed will show on the DA report with a blank line and the words "1 course needed" or "#" credits needed

What are the sections of a DA report as they appear on a DA?

• Top of the first page: basic information (Name, major, advisor, catalog, anticipated graduation date, email) and DA description

• "Program Status": summary of how many credits you have completed, how many are in progress or preregistered, and how many credits remain to reach your required credit total; also shows your GPA

• PhilaU Core Curriculum Sections:

o "College Studies": shows status of specific courses in this category (Writing courses, Humanities, Soc.Sci., Science I/II, Quanitative Reasoning, Lang/Area Studies, Arts and Culture, and Historical Understanding)

• "Major Requirements": shows status of specific courses in this category

• "Secondary Requirements" (Electives, PE, Minors) section shows status of specific courses in this category

• "Other Courses": lists all courses that did not fit into a category above for your major or courses that did not meet the grade requirement, or for which you received no credits.

How can I use DA to explore other majors?

1. Open up DA from the "Academic Profiles" section of the Student Menu in WebAdvisor (login if needed)

2. Do not click "choose one", instead look at the "What if I changed my program of study?" drop down menu that lists other majors

3. From that list of programs choose the major that you are interested in exploring (if you are an undeclared student remember that it is best to declare a major by the time you have completed 30 credits but it is mandatory to declare a major when you reach 60 credits)

4. Next choose the current catalog year

5. Then click submit to see a DA of your coursework as it fits with the major you are exploring

What special issues should transfer students watch out for?

• Requirements in your major that are met by courses you earned away from PhilaU show as "TE" (transfer equivalency)

• PhilaU requirements that have been by met by substituting other courses, either from PhilaU or transferred should show as substituted in the DA, (the Dean or Program Director needs to submit documentation to the University Registrar's office to enter the changes into DA so it will show accurately in the DA report)

• PhilaU requirements that have been waived by the Dean or Program Director should show as waived in the DA, (documentation needs to be sent to the University Registrar's office to enter the changes into DA so it will show accurately in the DA report)

• If there are courses showing in the "Other Courses" category that could reasonably meet PhilaU requirements, (the transfer student may have coursework that could be upgraded) students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss options

• Study Abroad course work will show in "Other" as STUAB-300. If credits are assigned (e.g. STUAB-300 cr 12.0) your transcript has not yet been received. If it is showing "cr 0.0" your transfer credits have been applied and should be showing in your audit as "TE".

Who can help me understand my DA?

• Your assigned academic advisor

• The University Registrar's Office staff

• The Learning and Advising Center