17-18 Res Life Staff


Office of Residential Life Mission:

The Office of Residential Life is comprised of a diverse staff committed to building a safe, welcoming environment that fosters an appreciation for differences and empowers students to become life-long citizens of their communities. We accomplish these goals by providing quality educational experiences, exceptional customer services and advocacy for service on behalf of our students with other University departments. Through these efforts our staff is determined to provide resources and services that enhance our resident students’ academic endeavors.

Office of Residential Life Values

  • Collaboration
  • Developing People
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Student-Centered

Office of Residential Life Community Curriculum:

The Office of Residential Life is a staff of committed and diverse educators that strive to provide our students with opportunities to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. We aim to create a community where diversity is appreciated and pursued and we “empower students to become life-long citizens.” The Office of Residential Life is committed to facilitating the education that takes place outside of the classroom and to ensure that the work that we do in the residence halls is educationally purposeful and supports the academic mission of the university.

The educational priority of our office is to promote global citizenship. Global Citizenship is defined as becoming an engaged and responsible member of your community through the knowledge of self and how one’s actions impacts others and the campus, local, national and global community.

For our staff to facilitate our educational priority, we will focus on the following goals:

  • Develop a greater knowledge of self through the exploration of personal identity.
  • Develop a greater understanding of others to thrive in diverse environments.
  • Express values and opinions as a means for engaging in the community with civility.
  • Evaluate situations to arrive at an informed decision.

Office Of Residential Life
ph: 215-951-2741
fax: 215-951-2644