Alumni Success Stories

Roosevelt Sanders Success StoryRoosevelt G. Sanders '10

Pre-MBA/Human Resource Management

"I decided to return to school to reconnect academically and finish the degree I started many years ago.  I was anxious about whether I could manage the classes, but soon gained confidence by doing well in the first courses that I took.  I wanted to advance myself personally, not necessarily professionally, and Philadelphia University supported me in this process.  I am now better positioned for the future, have embraced the concept of lifelong learning and inspired others to go back to college since graduating with a dual degree in Pre-MBA and Human Resource Management."

Ortiz Success Story

Charlena Ortiz ’11


“I am graduating this year with my bachelor’s degree from Philadelphia University.  I am the first in my family to go to college.  What I found most effective at Philadelphia University were the classroom settings that helped me improve my public-speaking abilities and the coursework.  The curriculum was demanding, but I’ve come to appreciate how this helped me enhance my critical-thinking skills. Today, I am planning to assist others by becoming a professional career coach. It’s a new journey in life that I never thought possible before my degree.”

Juby Success Story

Jerin George Juby ‘11

Behavioral and Health Services

"The Accelerated B.S. Program at Philadelphia University is an exceptional program for many reasons.  The professors are exceptional. Each is able to provide the students with their own unique perspective. They are  understanding, friendly, and considerate of working adults.  Evening, Saturday and online classes are available, and semesters are eight weeks long. Students can take as few or as many courses as they wish.  The Learning Center, Library, and online learning resources are very supportive of the needs of students.  I highly value my time as a student at Philadelphia University and my degree."

Michalski Success Story

Laurie Michalski  ’11

Human Resource Management

"Several years ago, a job layoff taught me very quickly that what is already a tough job market is even tougher for a person without a four-year degree. When I discovered the Accelerated B. S. in Human Resource Management Program at Philadelphia University, I didn't’t just discover a path back to the working world, I found a path back to feeling good about myself and what I was able to accomplish.

I landed a new job and my employer was impressed with what I brought to the job.

Philadelphia University gave me 'Power to Do.'"

Moss Jacobson Success Story

Moss Jacobson ’10


"I was nervous about returning to school at this point in my life.  However,  Philadelphia University’s Bucks County Campus was exceptionally convenient, as was an easy integration of classes to achieve balance in my life. The Accelerated B.S. Degree Program provided me with valuable group-project experiences, opportunities for practical application of work experiences and many new friends and business contacts. After just two and a half years, I had an incredible sense of accomplishment and a newly completed degree."

Roosevelt Sanders Success Story

Wanda Jones ’10

Behavioral and Health Services

"My experience in Philadelphia University’s Accelerated B.S. Degree Program was rewarding and motivating for me from the very first interview when I realized that Philadelphia University was the place for me. The program offered small class sizes, flexible class schedules and a very supportive staff. I was challenged by the instructors to work hard. I gained a long-sought-after degree and, most of all, I met like-minded, goal-focused individuals with whom I have forged friendships that will last a lifetime."