• Create an endowed, distinguished professorship in each discipline: Business, Engineering and Design. As a team, these distinguished professors will be charged with creating and championing higher educationís most innovative collaborative curriculum.
  • Form Institutes of excellence to promulgate deeply embedded competencies of the university, such as:
    • Textiles
    • Industrial Design
    • Fashion Design
    The institutes will provide leadership in defining state-of-the-art, connecting with and influencing the core D.E.C. curriculum, and serving as a bridge to and from alumni, industry, and D.E.C. Establish other Institutes as additional strengths emerge.
  • Design and construct functional space that promotes and supports active pedagogy, studio learning, collaboration, innovation and discovery.
  • Create both bi-lateral and tri-lateral curriculum to integrate with and complement the three disciplines.

Achieving Innovation

DEC Conceptual Map (FLASH)