Leadership team

  • New provost appointed
  • Vice provost for DEC curriculum development appointed

Development and implementation

  • DEC Coordinating Committee established, as well as other committees to implement DEC
  • Additional engineering and management faculty hired with DEC philosophy
  • Hired three interdisciplinary faculty in SBA related to growing fashion merchandising/marketing
  • Charrettes designed and conducted; used to develop curriculum
  • Institute for Independent Aging Aging Summer Research collaborative project underway
  • NSF CCLI grant proposal

External and internal review

  • Foundation curriculum reviews to be completed by spring 2010. EC curriculum reviews underway. Planning for College Studies/DEC curriculum review for fall 2010.
  • Planning for engineering curriculum

Integration of Fashion majors

  • Planning and review underway

DEC programs/curriculum

  • Bridge program launched Summer 2009 and continuing provides integration of business and design disciplines and business basics for designers (link to powerpoint)
  • Collaborative courses in betatesting phase (see Collaborative Projects)
  • Senior Design Show now incorporates all design programs and features numerous collaborative projects
  • Fashion Show now features increased collaboration among fashion design, fashion merchandising, textile design and architecture students
  • Industrial design and fashion design students collaborated to create special fashion show podium for the Academy of Music


DEC Innovation

DEC Conceptual Map (FLASH)