Philadelphia University will be recognized as the regional leader in career-oriented graduate and Bachelorís degree completion programs.

Graduate school markets are, and will continue to be, a critical component of product offerings for institutions of higher education. Philadelphia Universityís institutional strengths, national and global demographics, as well as environmental conditions dictate that the University takes full advantage of graduate education markets.

Graduate education at Philadelphia University will be defined in six key ways:

  • Multidisciplinary, integrated, differentiated, quality-focused and globally-oriented.
  • Professional in orientation in fields that need graduates and involve interactions with the professions.
  • Grounded in scholarship, research, and practice that is basic and applied, professional and practical, and linked directly the professional world.
  • Program leaders are responsible for the impacts of investments and their responsibility is consequential.
  • Delivered in a student-centered framework where academic life, student life and University services are integrated.
  • Delivered in the context of the signature learning model that is dynamic and evolving as the professions change and develop.
  • Continuing and Professional Studies is based on the philosophy that education is a lifelong experience influencing personal growth, career advancement, or career change. All programs are designed to accommodate adult learners and their professional and personal obligations.


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