Philadelphia University’s co-curricular programs will contribute to professional and personal growth of students, enhance a sense of community, and reinforce the concept of an integrated learning environment.

Philadelphia University students learn across all domains of their lives in order to construct knowledge, meaning, and skills. Students do not make distinctions about their learning according to its setting nor should their campus, their teachers, or their curricula. Integrated learning speaks to the whole student.

The Philadelphia University student experience will be built on five essential components:

  • Strengthened Residential Campus
  • Integrated Learning
  • Learning Support
  • Experiential Learning
  • Engaged Community

Strengthened Residential Campus – A rich living-learning experience has an impact on resident students, commuter students, faculty, and staff, providing vitality to the campus and opportunities for significant learning.

Integrated Learning – Philadelphia University’s integrated environment, consistent with Signature Learning, optimizes common educational experiences to support personal, professional, and academic learning in all settings –in class and outside class.

Learning Support – Philadelphia University provides varied and accountable programs and services to document, guide, and strengthen individual student success.

Experiential Learning – Learning at Philadelphia University will be enhanced by intentional opportunities to translate knowledge, skill, and meaning acquisition into the context of the student’s life and profession.

An Engaged Community – The mark of an engaged community is dynamic interaction among students, faculty, and staff, reflecting shared responsibility, identity, and tradition. The Philadelphia University community will be characterized by vibrant partnerships with alumni, the professions, and the world beyond campus in order to enrich student experience.


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