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Faculty and Staff Computer Purchasing

Philadelphia University offers a computer purchase program through payroll deduction. This program offers no-interest loans to employees for the acquisition of computers.


Computer Purchase Program

The definition of computer includes one of the following: a desktop computer with monitor, or laptop computer, or iPad, AND a printer.

Accessories such as: covers, skins, cases, bags, flash drives, printer cartridges, or an extended warranty related to and purchased with the computer may be included in the computer purchase program.

Full-time faculty, full and part-time administrators and staff are eligible for this program. This program allows for one computer (as defined above) plus accessories to be financed at one time through the loan program.

No additional purchases can be made, using this loan program, until the prior loan balance is paid in full. However, those paying for 100% of the cost can purchase additional products available through the university’s program with established vendors.

See the Human Resources Website Benefits Page for an explanation of program details, current manufacturers' discounts, vendors and purchase options.

Eligibility occurs with an employee's successful completion of the introductory employment period. Repayment plan purchases up to $3,000 may be deducted in equal installments from bi-weekly pay up to 12 months (26 pays).

Part-time administrators and staff who meet the eligibility criteria qualify for the Computer Purchase Plan through payroll deduction, for purchases up to $3,000. Eligibility for this plan occurs after two years of continuous service to the university, working a minimum of 910 hours per year.

If an employee resigns, the loan balance will be deducted from wages during the remaining pay periods.


Discounted Software

Faculty and Staff at Philadelphia University can purchase discounted software through Journeyed.com. Please visit their site for more information.



For further assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by Email at HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu