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Setting Up And Checking Your Internet Connectivity

Using IPConfig To Verify Your Connection

Click on Start, then click on Run.



The Run window should pop-up. In the Run window type in "cmd" (as shown in image below) and then click on 'OK'.



A DOS prompt window should open up. When it does type in "ipconfig" and then hit Enter. (As shown in image below):


After you have typed ipconfig in, the IP address of your computer should be displayed. (In this example the IP address is

Types of IP Addresses

Different types of IP addresses seen at the University:

  • An IP address that starts with 169.XX.X.XX means that there is not LAN/Internet connection present on the computer.

  • An IP address that starts with 172.XX.X.XX means that there is a LAN/Internet connection present on the computer.

  • 172.24.x.x - You have a live connection

  • 172.17.x.x - You are in are in remediation

  • 172.18.x.x - you are in quarantine

  • 10.x.x.x - You are connected to the University wireless network

  • An IP address that starts with 192.XX.X.XX is a connection to someone's router and more than likely have no connectivity.

  • 2.)

    Wireless access is only available in the Mott Hall Breezeway, the Library, Tuttleman, Kanbar and the A&D Center.

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