Creating an Assignment in Blackboard

With the help of Blackboard Assignments, student work can be submitted entirely online. These online submissions provide benefits for both students and instructors. Here are a few:

- Students and instructors can avoid printing assignments and therefore save money on paper.
- Links to assignments provide definite proof that a student submitted the assignment promptly and properly. 
- Instructors can easily create online deadlines. These deadlines set the time frame of when Blackboard Assignments will and will not be accepted. 
- Blackboard Assignments automatically generate corresponding columns in the Grade Center. 
- Blackboard Assignments are easily categorized and weighted for calculating a grade, enabling students to track their progress throughout the course.

It’s easy for instructors to create a Blackboard Assignment once they have determined the organization of their course materials. Instructors simply need to access their pre-determined location where Blackboard Assignments will be placed (ex: Content area, Week 1 folder, Assignments subfolder) and choose Assessments -> Assignment.

For a detailed description of the features of Blackboard Assignments, please Click Here.



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