Building a Course in Blackboard

The heart of a Blackboard Course site is its content. As the Instructor, you have final say about how that content will be presented to your students.

It may be helpful to consider a strategy of presentation before building a Blackboard Course site. You may wish to present according to chronological units, chapters in a textbook, or as a survey in an order of your choice. Each of these can be organized in folders for larger topics, and in Learning Modules for related course materials, assignments and other activities.

These containers are created within Content Areas (Content, Information, or ones you create) within your course. You may also opt to modify the navigational links along the left side of your course by adding, renaming or organizing segments of your course in representative "Buttons" for easy access.

Please look at the following document (Click Here) which will help you get acquainted with the Blackboard 9.1 system and with Building Course Content.